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The all-in-one tool for space management

Pingin connects people, things, and spaces while saving you from tons of administrative work. Either you are a small coworking space or business center – PingIn will deliver the efficiency you need. You can easily monetize your assets, provide self-service capabilities for your customers and make better decisions by having all the information in one place.


Empower tenants

With a self-service portal, they can manage everything from meeting room reservation to parking allocations and even catering services.


Gather payments with ease

Signing contracts, on-boarding, tracing expenses, invoicing and even exporting that information to accounting system – all that is automated.


Customise your website

If you have a strong brand identity and want to have a unified experience for your customers you can customise Pingin to make that happen.

Customer portal

Users can manage all of the amenities in one place. It can also be used to get information, engage with the community, see news and announcement.

Manage requests

Manage accidents and receive requests for extra services via Pingin. Easily monitor maintenance situations.

Usage reports

Make better decisions with all the information in one place. Meeting room reservations, benefit usage, income per tenant and many more.

Access control

Integration with access control systems allows managing physical access to the building and other amenities automatically.

Establish coworking

Running a coworking is easy as 1-2-3. In-built features allows you to establish fully functional coworking as separate business or part of business center.

Control WIFI

Keep public and tenant Wifi usage under control. Allow your tenants to manage their usage of shared Wifi.

Manage parking

Optimise parking usage by letting tenants manage their spots. Pingin can even work with license plate recognition software.

Open vacancies

With the usage statistics, you can easily predict the future use of your facilities. Great tool to plan your sales.

Create more benefits

We constantly onboard third-party service providers to Pingin, such as car sharing or catering. Let us know if you have any new services in mind.

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